Conferences are the best way to share and acquire knowledge, or just network with other professionals. hubme.in helps you finding the best of them.


Why attending events?

We still remember our first conference. What an impact it had on our professional career. Attending a conference is a great experience for everyone involved in IT. You can meet other professionals and keep up to date with technology. Your productivity soars and you become more appealing to best hiring companies. We aim at being a simple directory for best IT related events. Yep, it's as simple as this.


If you're interesting in speaking at a conference...

Speaking at a conference is a great way to get noticed. It also allows you to give something to the community, spreading knowldege. hubme.in helps speakers quickly find out about expiring calls for proposals.


If you're organizing a conference...

We know how much effort it takes to organize a big event. hubme.in aims at helping you. In a minute or two, you can let speakers and attendees know about your event.


How it all started, plans for the future...

We're two Italian developers who love to attend events and keep up to date with latest discoveries in IT and related fields (IE UX, software engineering, ...). We got frustrated because we couldn't find a simple and reliable place on the net where to learn about best upcoming events. That's when we decided to create our own, which can now hopefully help you too. It's a spare time project, but we got a few interesting things we're working on. We hope you'll enjoy them and always welcome your feedback.